This portal is for the submission of grant and fellowship application for the SGS Office Campus Dissertation Development Awards, the Bevier Fellowship and external fellowship competitions managed by the SGS Office of Fellowships and Awards.  


Please include all of the following with your application:

● This application form with all fields completed

● Short writing sample of around 5-10 pages

This should be a paper that will help the selection committee assess your academic and philosophical ability. Typically, but not necessarily, this will be a paper that was written for a college course. Philosophy papers are preferable, but a paper on a topic from any discipline will work if no suitable philosophy paper is available. The most effective paper to submit will be the one which best exhibits your philosophical or academic ability.

● Personal Essay and explanation of why your background and experiences will help foster greater diversity in philosophy

● 2 letters of recommendation

● A transcript

Applicants should include a transcript of all their college coursework. Your overall GPA and current enrollment status should be clearly indicated somewhere - if it is not, please also include some verification of your current enrollment status. If you have been to more than one institution, please include transcripts from all institutions. These do not need to be official transcripts sent from your institution's registrar. They can be scans of transcripts that you already have or screenshots of any online transcript that you can access.

Call for Applications: Fellowship Advisor—Graduate Assistantship

Deadline to apply: March 4, 2019

GradFundis currently accepting applications for anticipated openings on its Fellowship Advising staff. GradFund assists graduate students with identifying and applying for external, merit-based, research grants and fellowships to support graduate work. This position will be of special interest to graduate students who are interested in exploring a career path in higher education administration or other non-academic career paths. Fellowship Advisors have the following five key areas of responsibility under the supervision of the Assistant Dean for Graduate Student External Support:

  1. Conduct confidential fellowship and grant pre-application and application review meetings.
  2. Creation and upkeep of social media content and blog entries
  3. Present GradFund programs and workshops.
  4. Perform outreach to graduate programs and students.
  5. Assist with special projects

Fellowship Advisors are supported on an academic year Graduate Assistantship that begins September 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2020. Applicants should be available to work hourly ($20/hr)(15-20 hours/week) during the summer starting in May 2019. Successful applicants will undergo a full training prior to beginning their appointment. 


The applicant must be a doctoral candidatein the School of Graduate Studies (school 16) who has experience applying for external grants or fellowships as a graduate student and who will be a graduate student for the entire GA appointment period (September 1, 2019 to May 2020.)

Application Submission Process

The application portal for the assistantship is located here.  Applicants will need to create an account and then log into the site to initiate an application.  

Application Components

  1. A letter of interest, explaining your qualifications to fill the Fellowship Advisor position, including past mentoring experiences you may have. In a brief narrative, summarize your computer skills and respond to the following questions: 

· What is your experience applying for external funding? How would you imagine using these experiences as a Fellowship Advisor?

· What are your teaching and mentoring experiences and how do you see utilizing these experiences and skills in this position?

· What is your dissertation research? (Limit response to one paragraph, written for the non-specialist)

· What aspect of your dissertation are you currently working on, and what work do you plan to complete during the 2018-2019 academic year? When do you plan to finish your dissertation? 

· What experience do you have doing interdisciplinary work? How does this or any other related experience give evidence of your ability to work and provide mentorship across disciplines?

· In which disciplinary fields do you feel most comfortable working and providing feedback?

· Do you currently have fellowship or grant applications pending (internal or external) and if yes, what are they?

· What are your career goals and how will being a Fellowship Advisor help you to develop skills to advance these goals?

· What is your availability to work over the summer?

2. A copy of your current CV

  1. A copy of a recent external grant or fellowship application
  2. A copy of your unofficial graduate transcripts
  3. A letter of support from your graduate advisor/PI

School of Graduate Studies/Office of Fellowships and Awards/GradFund