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Please include all of the following with your application:

● This application form with all fields completed

● Short writing sample between 1250-2000 words, typed and double-spaced.

This should be a paper that will help the selection committee assess your academic and philosophical ability. Typically, but not necessarily, this will be a paper that was written for a college course. Philosophy papers are preferable, but a paper on a topic from any discipline will work if no suitable philosophy paper is available. The most effective paper to submit will be the one which best exhibits your philosophical or academic ability.

● Personal Essay and explanation of why your background and experiences will help foster greater diversity in philosophy

● 2 letters of recommendation

● A transcript

Applicants should include a transcript of all their college coursework. Your overall GPA and current enrollment status should be clearly indicated somewhere - if it is not, please also include some verification of your current enrollment status. If you have been to more than one institution, please include transcripts from all institutions. These do not need to be official transcripts sent from your institution's registrar. They can be scans of transcripts that you already have or screenshots of any online transcript that you can access.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.